Sunny Days in Thailand

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Here are a few pics from one my most favourite lessons of the year. The theme is ‘Sunny Days’, but there has been cloudy weather and rain every day this week…..until today that is 🌞

Me and my amazing Nursery 1 class, looking cool as bananas.


Playing with our handmade sun catchers.


‘Race car chic’

Checking out our shadows.

What a great day!

M is for Mustache

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The letter of the week ;)

Tourist for a Day

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A few shots from my visit to Wat Saket and Wat Arun this weekend.

A view from the top of Wat Saket. Looks like a wee bit of rain coming!…or maybe more than a wee bit!!! :-S

A cool Buddha statue found inside.


The beautiful Wat Arun.

You can climb up the steps for a nice view over Bangkok and the Chaopraya river.

Going up was easier than going down…those are some steep steps!
I loved Wat Arun. It closes at 6pm, but if you can manage to stick around, the whole thing lights up like a big Buddhist Christmas tree after dark. What an amazing sight.


Cultural Day at a Preschool

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A few shots from a special day. We celebrated Cultural Day today, and all of my little ones dressed up in a cultural costume from somewhere in the World.


Long Weekend on Koh Chang

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A few pics from my long weekend on Koh Chang. Yoga on the beach in the morning, hiking to the amazing Klong Plu waterfall to go for a swim, riding a rented motorbike through the mountains to a fisherman’s village, drinking red wine while gazing at a setting sun, crashing waves and digging my toes into the sand. Gotta love Thailand.







Happy Birthday

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Happy Birthday

To one cool dude.

Truth hurts sometimes

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I haven’t come across a quote that has hit home like this one has in quite a while. I feel grateful for these words because as much as they are true, I also believe that whichever part of you that has been lost along the way, you have the power to get back. It doesn’t matter what it is: motivation, hope, the ability to love, strength, positivity….anything you once had that you wish to possess again.

If you had it, if it was there, it can be there again. It is never fully lost.


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